SBC Greater Phoenix - 1985 - Yondo

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This was the day after the National in Carefree, Arizona and it was a day Toni will never forget. In the morning, she showed seven-month-old Yondo to Best In Sweepstakes under Bob Sykora and in the afternoon Judge Capodice gave him Best Of Winners over a hundred other choices! Toni was so nervous/excited she had to lie down afterwards to recover her composure. It was a great honor for such a young dog but Cap had been a "Sanctuary Woods' man back in the day and he seemed to see in Yondo some of those old time dogs. (see more)


Afterwards it turned out that Yondo lost the 5 points due to computer problems at the Canadian Kennel Club during that period - they couldn't get his individual registration done in time so the AKC cancelled his points. No matter, he just went out a few months later and won more specialties and finished with 22 points. Benbaron is a Canadian kennel but Brian and Toni have been members of the SBCA since the mid-70's and have attended dozens of Nationals.

Capodice had another chance to judge Yondo as a mature dog. At the SBC of San Jose specialty he gave him Best Of Breed. It was this picture that was used as the basis for the correct dog in the SBCA Illustrated Breed Commentary. We too think it shows Yondo at his very best.  (For Brian it was the time before hip replacements and heart by-passes!)