Our last kennel was set on 28 acres near the small town of Powassan, Ontario. We always tried to provide our dogs with as natural environment as possible where they could live as a pack. We counted on the older females to teach the pups their manners. They had unheated but insulated wooden dog houses to protect them from the 40 below winter temperatures. While the cold never bothered them, sadly we did lose a couple of dogs to heat stroke over the years. We rarely kept more than one or two males at a time, but they lived together as members of the pack. Bad attitudes were never tolerated. We no longer maintain a kennel but we travel extensively in our motorhome and try to get to shows whenever possible to cheer younger breeders on.

They say you should have a clear idea of what the pups should look like before you even do the breeding. Within hours of being born, we knew we had something special in Tattoo and Taboo. Apart from Tattoo's monk cap, they were twins. Even by the second day it was clear that they were dripping with type and had amazing substance. Mind you the other pups - Tonka, Tango, Texas, and Tinker - were right in there too. All six quickly became champions. The Twins did exceptionally well in the show ring and were top bitches in the nation.

These cuties were the future Ch Echo's Xtra Sweetie and Ch Echo's Xtra Bonus, bred by Carrol and Wally Thom. They were sired by our Eddie. Note that they look just like a lot of other Benbaron, Echo and Sanctuary Woods pups from the past. This is no accident. Echo was based largely on Sanctuary Woods and Benbaron owes much to the good work of Echo. Over the sixty years of those three kennels other lines were added from time to time, but the basic recipe remained the same. The pedigrees were kept tight over the many generations.

Uproar was just one of the pups out of the Eddie and Pepsi "U" and "V" litters (second time around the alphabet). He was around four or five months in this photo. We could just stare at him out there in the kennel all day, he had such beautiful type.


How could you not fall in love with this girl? Right from the start, we knew Nifty would be special. She was tightly inbred on her sire, The Iceman. It was always our intention to breed her to Yondo and when she produced our second T litter, we hit the jackpot. There were five smooth girl champions - Taboo, Tattoo, Tinker, Texas, Tango - and one rough champion boy - Tonka. Nifty won Best Brood Bitch at a National and she was a Hall of Fame dam. She was one of our great bitches and we sure do miss her.



Getting ready to follow in the giant footsteps of Abe, Remy (Kennebank Wremington Von Xulu) and his breeder-owner Pat Postma (Kennebank Kennels) are now beginning their training. Remy has the look of his father Xulu's family. For over 40 years, this has been the style sought at Benbaron. Before that you could find the same type at the Echo kennels of Carrol and Wally Thom of California, And they built their line on the Sanctuary Woods dogs of Bea Knight of Oregon. Will Remy turn out to be a future Super Dog performer, like Abraham before him? Don't bet aganst it

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