New England has new Yondo Grandkids

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This little lady and eleven littermates are to be found, at least for the next few weeks, at the Carmen Kennels of Janice Holmes-Myers in MA. Please see the Article called "Fertility- the Gift That Keeps on giving" for more details on this fascinating breeding that takes advantage of both frozen semen and DNA technology. (posted Oct 28 2012 - see more photos below)

To contact Janice about her exciting new litter, email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Update: DNA test results ... see more!


Here are some more candid shots of these hunky babies...

And surely this boy below is sired by Ustinov ? DNA tests will tell the tale!

WRONG! Turns out the DNA testing shows that the longhaired TAZ is the sire of all the pups. So many of them look like "Benbaron" pups solely because of the mother, who is inbred on Yondo. And since all the pups are shorthaired, X-pectations is a pure smooth. Here are a few more photos to enjoy...