Meanwhile Over In Ireland at Rathleague

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This chap is Rathleague's Eh Fat Tony and he was born in Ireland after we shipped Yondo's frozen semen to Caroline and James Maher of the Rathleague Kennels. They used the semen on their lovely rough girl, Claddagh, who went back to Yondo. The combination worked beautifully and they got Fat Tony and his four smooth sisters. We have worked with the International Canine Semen Bank for a quarter-century and enjoyed outstanding success. This was one of the first litters of "pupsicles" ever born in Ireland.

As you can see, Fat Tony grew up to be a handsome lad and is now an International Champion. He is the only living son of Yondo now in Europe. Caroline has frozen semen available for shipment to North American breeders. You may contact her at 

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