Kids and Puppies

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Ok, we admit it! We too think there is nothing more adorable in this world than the combination of kids and puppies. We raised our own children with the dogs and never once worried about their safety. Mind you, we had a very hard policy about temperament. If a dog showed a nasty side it was put to sleep pronto. Fortunately this only happened a few times and, looking back, it was mainly with dogs that we brought in from elsewhere. Our own dogs have long been known for their Saintly temperaments. (see more)

And here is grandson Finn snuggling up with one of the babies. 

 This is his brother, Kobe, with his big buddy Eddie.

It was a great joy to us to raise our own children with the Saints and then to have the grandkids involved with them too. As teenagers half of them now have Bernese Mtn Dogs in their house and the other half have Portuguese Water Dogs. Dog lovers all!