Time Travel In Ohio

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A highly interesting litter arrived this past November in Ohio at the Slaton Kennels. The smooth bitch, Benbaron's X-Stasy Of Yondo, owned by Joe & Shirley Wolf and Laura & Amy Flannery, had five boy and three girl pups. The sire was Am/Can Ch Slaton's Lite-Weight he Ain't. In the picture above, you see one of the lovely girls on the left and her smooth brother on the right. The clues to what makes this litter so special can be found in the following pedigree...

Sorry if you have trouble reading the fine print, but I hope you can follow along ok. The first thing to note is that the two grandfathers, Alex and Yondo, both lived in the 1980s! This litter was made possible by the use of frozen semen and the good work of ICSB and Dr Hutchison. The breeders have been able to reach back in time behind both the sire and the dam. 

The next thing I would point out are the litter brothers, Echo's U-Betcha v Just-Me and Echo's Unique Von Just-Me. U-Betcha lived in California and Unique was a stud dog at Benbaron in Ontario. Now look at their parents. Just-Me and Heather were more than half-brother-half-sister, both sired by the original Sanctuary Woods Yondo u Ole. In fact, SW Yondo is found many times throughout this pedigree on both sides. In large measure, that is because Carrol and Wally Thom of the Echo Kennels of California inbred heavily on both SW Yondo and Sanctuary Woods Extra Bonus. Bonus was the sire of the famous Echo "C" litter which included Citation, Countdown, Cari-Me and others. 

Students of the breed will know that most of the Sanctuary Woods dogs were highly linebred due to the isolation of Sanctuary Woods in Oregon and the breeding practices of the owner, Bea Knight.

This pedigree represents over fifty years of gene concentration. It is remarkable that it has been possible to do this breeding. It is delightful that eight fat, typey pups are alive today to carry on these family lines. We can only hope that these pups turn out as well as their illustrious ancestors and that their owners breed them just as carefully in the future. Well done, folks!


 PS - watch for this longhaired lady at some future specialty!