A highly interesting litter arrived this past November in Ohio at the Slaton Kennels. The smooth bitch, Benbaron's X-Stasy Of Yondo, owned by Joe & Shirley Wolf and Laura & Amy Flannery, had five boy and three girl pups. The sire was Am/Can Ch Slaton's Lite-Weight he Ain't. In the picture above, you see one of the lovely girls on the left and her smooth brother on the right. The clues to what makes this litter so special can be found in the following pedigree...

Sorry if you have trouble reading the fine print, but I hope you can follow along ok. The first thing to note is that the two grandfathers, Alex and Yondo, both lived in the 1980s! This litter was made possible by the use of frozen semen and the good work of ICSB and Dr Hutchison. The breeders have been able to reach back in time behind both the sire and the dam. 

The next thing I would point out are the litter brothers, Echo's U-Betcha v Just-Me and Echo's Unique Von Just-Me. U-Betcha lived in California and Unique was a stud dog at Benbaron in Ontario. Now look at their parents. Just-Me and Heather were more than half-brother-half-sister, both sired by the original Sanctuary Woods Yondo u Ole. In fact, SW Yondo is found many times throughout this pedigree on both sides. In large measure, that is because Carrol and Wally Thom of the Echo Kennels of California inbred heavily on both SW Yondo and Sanctuary Woods Extra Bonus. Bonus was the sire of the famous Echo "C" litter which included Citation, Countdown, Cari-Me and others. 

Students of the breed will know that most of the Sanctuary Woods dogs were highly linebred due to the isolation of Sanctuary Woods in Oregon and the breeding practices of the owner, Bea Knight.

This pedigree represents over fifty years of gene concentration. It is remarkable that it has been possible to do this breeding. It is delightful that eight fat, typey pups are alive today to carry on these family lines. We can only hope that these pups turn out as well as their illustrious ancestors and that their owners breed them just as carefully in the future. Well done, folks!


 PS - watch for this longhaired lady at some future specialty!




At around seven weeks of age, we love to throw a pup over the shoulder and take a snap upwards of the head and paws. This is Taboo at that age. If the resulting picture takes your breath away, then the chances are good that the pup has the type you seek. Does it show a fat muzzle? A strong stop and furrow? A broad top skull? Heavy leg bone and big feet? If so, maybe you should hang on to that one for awhile!

This little lady and eleven littermates are to be found, at least for the next few weeks, at the Carmen Kennels of Janice Holmes-Myers in MA. Please see the Article called "Fertility- the Gift That Keeps on giving" for more details on this fascinating breeding that takes advantage of both frozen semen and DNA technology. (posted Oct 28 2012 - see more photos below)

To contact Janice about her exciting new litter, email:


Update: DNA test results ... see more!

These four lovely ladies are the latest litter at the Kennebank kennels of Pat Postma in Nova Scotia. Their sire is Pat's big smooth, Benbaron's VonGabe Of Eddie, a Yondo grandson, and their dam is Carmen's Place Your Bets ("Vegas"), a Yondo great-granddaughter. Of course, at only four days of age here, they look like a bunch of hampsters but one can see already that they are beautifully marked and quite substantial. With only four to look after this time, at least Pat will be able to get some sleep. Breeders will appreciate that these pups are doubled up on Am Ch Benbaron's Yondo Von Gizer HF PE, one of the top studs in breed history.

Nova Scotia is a very special place with its rugged seacoasts and deep woods. For Brian, it holds many memories of high school days spent in the Annapolis Valley, not far from the birthplace of these pups. Pat can ship her pups out from the Halifax International Airport. For further information of these special girls contact Pat at


(Oct 18 2012)



This chap is Rathleague's Eh Fat Tony and he was born in Ireland after we shipped Yondo's frozen semen to Caroline and James Maher of the Rathleague Kennels. They used the semen on their lovely rough girl, Claddagh, who went back to Yondo. The combination worked beautifully and they got Fat Tony and his four smooth sisters. We have worked with the International Canine Semen Bank for a quarter-century and enjoyed outstanding success. This was one of the first litters of "pupsicles" ever born in Ireland.

Ok, we admit it! We too think there is nothing more adorable in this world than the combination of kids and puppies. We raised our own children with the dogs and never once worried about their safety. Mind you, we had a very hard policy about temperament. If a dog showed a nasty side it was put to sleep pronto. Fortunately this only happened a few times and, looking back, it was mainly with dogs that we brought in from elsewhere. Our own dogs have long been known for their Saintly temperaments. (see more)

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