The 1986 National will forever be known as the Mud National. The rain was ridiculous and the Mississippi flooded. The ring was on the side of a grass hill and after the first hour was nothing but mud. Trenches were dug to divert the water. Straw was laid down in the ring. Handlers were loosing their shoes. All the grooming in the world was for nought as soon as the dogs entered the ring. When it came time for the specials to be shown, it was a disaster. 

And then came Yondo!

He just loved all that muck and roared around the ring throwing great gobs of crap all over Brian who hung on as best he could. Yondo was only 18 months old at this time and had just completed his AKC title shortly before the show closing. Judge Joan Zielinski said later she could hardly stop watching the big guy having so much fun. When it was all over, Yondo had won the Best Of Breed and also the first Select Award in club history.

For a brief moment the sun appeared and allowed us to take pictures. You will notice that Joan is standing behind the Gould Trophy so as to hide the mud on her WHITE ??? dress!

The 1985 National was held in sunny Carefree, Arizona. Brian was already down in that area on business so Toni had to fly Yondo and herself down alone from Ontario, changing airlines enroute. He was seven months old but already a good size. It was his first show and what a show it turned out to be! He won first in the 6-9 month class. In the winners class, he was of course way back at the end of the line, until Judge Richard Tang, after examining all the dogs, walked to the back and invited Toni to come up to the front. He was placed behind Heidisaints Macho, the Open Smooth class winner. Macho got Winners Dog, and Mr Tang pointed to Yondo for Reserve Winners Dog and Best Puppy In Show. Toni was thrilled! (The goofus in the cowboy hat with the silly grin is Brian.)

This was a sign of great things to come for Yondo.

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