Benbaron's VonGabe Of Eddie

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Gabe is "Top Dog" at the Kennebank kennels of Pat Postma in Nova Scotia. He is a handsome big smooth boy in the tradition of Yondo. There never were many Saints in that part of Canada but Pat and her late husband, Joost, always made sure that there were good ones. (see more)

Here Gabe, on the right, is teaching the youngster, Xulu, the ropes. (Xulu spent his puppyhood at Kennebank.) Gabe is a Yondo grandson, and Xulu is a Yondo son. Nowadays, Gabe is lording it over the Xulu kids at Kennebank - Remy, Ty, and Kiddo.

Gabe, Pat and the gang live on the Bay of Fundy where they have the highest tides in the world, over 40 feet high! It is a very lovely part of Atlantic Canada and a wonderful vacation destination. And a great place to be a St Bernard.