Am Ch Benbaron's Knight O'Iceman

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Additional Info

Knight was the first male owned by Tikki Smith of the Lasquite kennels. He was a wonderful big dog and about the only male around who could out-pull his dad, The Iceman, in a weight pull. He sired some dandy litters for Tikki on her island off the coast of British Columbia before then going on to the New Sage kennels of Washington. There he took specialty majors and continued his studly ways. A big loveable guy!

Above, Knight is taking a nice major in the Pacific Northwest. He was a powerful dog with a sweet disposition.

Knight had a number of impressive littermates, including this gorgeous smooth girl owned by Tikki. Kootenay won a major at her first US specialty. You can find numerous bitches of this type today if you visit the Lasquite kennels.