Robin calls his big boy Couch, as in Couch Potato . Don't let his name fool you. Couch loves to move out with great authority, reach and drive, just like his sire Yondo. Couch won two 4-point majors in the Pacific Northwest at the beginning of 2012. Couch finished his championship in 2014 when friend Art Shook showed him to two more majors at the big Cleveland shows. Couch is Yondo's 25th AKC champion! Breeders looking for more size  and length of leg should consider using Couch at stud, especially if their girls have Benbaron in their background. Frozen semen is available via ICSB.  Contact Robin Beninger at

Yondo was one of the great St Bernard Club of America National winners (Best Of Breed 1986 and 1987, Best Puppy 1985, Select and Best Stud Dog 1988) and one of the top stud dogs in the history of the breed. Yondo now has 25 AKC champions to his credit. He also has champion offspring living in Ireland.


Dippy won the Sweepstakes and went Best Puppy at the 1991 National which was held at the lovely Bahia resort in San Diego. His sister, Daffy, went Best Of Opposite In Sweeps . Carol Terrio was the Sweeps judge and it was always a giggle that she put up "Dippy and Daffy" dogs as her choices. Saint handler Don Osborne was the handler here. He finished Dippy for us at a number of specialty shows that year. While not a massive dog, Dippy had lovely type.

Gabe is "Top Dog" at the Kennebank kennels of Pat Postma in Nova Scotia. He is a handsome big smooth boy in the tradition of Yondo. There never were many Saints in that part of Canada but Pat and her late husband, Joost, always made sure that there were good ones. (see more)

The Phantom was one of our first Yondo "pupsicles", along with his litter sisters, Pepsi and Pumpkin. Yondo's semen had been frozen some 16 years by the time this litter hit the ground. It was, as you might imagine, a magic moment for us when they arrived after such a wait. We wanted to be sure we had the right bitch before we used one of those vials. "Delta" was a strong, proven daughter of The Iceman and we felt the combination would be successful. (see more)

Knight was the first male owned by Tikki Smith of the Lasquite kennels. He was a wonderful big dog and about the only male around who could out-pull his dad, The Iceman, in a weight pull. He sired some dandy litters for Tikki on her island off the coast of British Columbia before then going on to the New Sage kennels of Washington. There he took specialty majors and continued his studly ways. A big loveable guy!

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