All In The Family

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As we struggle through another dandy Canadian winter, I find a bit of inspiration from this photo of Kennebank's Wremington Von Xulu.

Remy is an impressive young smooth male bred and owned by our dear friend, Pat Postma, in Nova Scotia. Like any Saint worth his salt, Remy thinks the more snow, the better the winter. Of course, he doesn't have to shovel it. Here's another shot of Remy with his late kennel mate, Benbaron's VonGabe Of Eddie.

These boys lived together and got along famously.  Gabe's brother, Benbaron's Ustinov of Eddie, was the sire of Remy's mother, Vegas. 

And there are more family connections here. Ustinov is a grandson of Benbaron's Yondo Von Gizer because his mother, Pepsi, was sired by Yondo.. But so is Remy a grandson of Yondo. How is this so, you may ask? Remy was sired by Xulu, a Yondo son.

So Remy goes back to Yondo on both sides of his pedigree. Thus, we say he is inbred on Yondo. This was not by accident. It was by design. 

And here is Remy's uncle and Xulu's brother, Ch Benbaron's Xavier Of Yondo. "Couch" is Yondo's 25th AKC champion offspring.

Couch is a Yondo son and a big solid boy who has the family look. (Toni bought the figurine on the shelf behind him at Crufts. It is from the 1800's and was made in what is now part of Germany.)

And its not just about the males. They say, when looking for a wife, if you want to know what your bride will really look like in years to come, take a good look at her mother and aunts! Well here is a shot of Benbaron's Nifty and N'Ice as a baby...

She was a beauty for sure, and when we bred her to Yondo, using frozen semen, we got our wonderful second T litter of six out of six champions. One of those was ....

National Best Of Breed winner, Ch Benbaron's Taboo of Yondo! 

To our eye, all of these dogs share the same look and temperament. They were all powerful, enthusiastic dogs and good representatives of the breed. Make no mistake about it: we kept our pedigrees tight and often bred animals that were closely related to each other. We stayed away from "chop suey" pedigrees as much as possible because we did not want to randomly introduce wildcard genes into our program. We only went out for specific purposes as a rule and even then, we selected from lines that had a commonality with our own.


in short, we kept it all in the family!