Friday, 14 March 2014 00:39

Fifty Thousand Reasons


In March of 2014, the counter on our Benbaron website ticked over 50,000! Thank you to all the folks, known and unknown, who visited over the past few years.

When we started up this version of the website, we were at the point of retiring from our forty odd years of breeding and exhibiting these wonderful dogs. It was time for us to pass the torch to younger breeders. However, we did want to capture and share some memories, thoughts, and advice before we got too old. This website seemed a rational way to do that. We have received welcome feedback from fanciers around the world.

We hope you have enjoyed it and, at the very least, that it has provided some information and thought-provoking ideas with which you can advance your own breeding program and appreciation of this glorious breed. We wish you luck and remind you that breeding St Bernards is not for the faint of heart.

As for this website, we shall continue to add new pages as the spirit moves us. You have given us 50,000 reasons to carry on!


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