Thursday, 15 August 2013 18:34

Midsummer Musings

In the heat of the summer, the scene above serves to cool us down, at least mentally. It's been a few months since our last blog and we now find ourselves nicely placed at Weir's Beach outside of Victoria British Columbia. Lulu and Tubby enjoy their daily romps in the surf as we look across the Straight of Juan De Fuca to snow-capped Mt Baker in the State of Washington.

While we haven't run into any Saints yet, we did enjoy The Running Of The Bulls last Sunday. Each year, they hold a big pet fair downtown and feature Bulldog Races. Two Bulldogs are placed on one end of a raised platform with chain link sides. The owners go to the other end. On three the dogs are released, the cheering starts, and the first dog to get to the other end wins the heat.

Lulu, who can move like a Whippet when motivated, walked half way down, visited with some of the spectators, wandered back aways, and then finally decided to go to Toni's waiting arms. Needless to say, she was eliminated. Tubby took off like a bullet and won his heat. In the finals, Tubby went up against Bella, a nice little girl. Brian was at the finish to motivate him but Bella decided to ignore her owner and head for Brian too. She edged Tubby out at the line to claim victory. Pushy little bitch! 

Tubby consoled himself by playing in the kiddie pool full of water with Turbo, his big pal. All in all, great fun and big crowds.

Our son, Robin, recently took his Yondo son, Couch, down to the shows in Portland and won two of the days. Couch needs a few more minor points to claim his AKC championship. It's not easy getting off of Vancouver Island and the ferry fees can add up, so every win is most welcome. 

It's always nice to hear from old fellow fanciers and the other day, we got a note from Art Shook of the Trademark kennels. We met Art at our first National. Our two families were both parked with the motorhomes and trailers and it took no time at all for the young kids to find each other. There was one funny moment as I recall.... our daughter Michelle, who was probably 6 at the time was with his kids when we overheard her say in a loud voice: "Will you look at the hooters on that one!"

Our heads spun just in time to see the grand Vivian Debord from Tennessee walking by. Those of you who knew Vivian will know exactly what Michelle meant!

At that point in time, Art was building his kennel line principally on Sanctuary Woods foundations. So it came as no surprise that we saw eye to eye on most things Saintly and have always enjoyed our moments together at Nationals over the decades. The only beef I have with Art is that he still weighs the same as the day I met him, while I may have gained a pound or two... a year.

So enjoy your summer days, your dogs and your old friends. Time presses on and many of our generation are no longer with us.


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