Toeing The Line

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This 8-week-old fellow is Carmen Polar Xpress. He is a Yondo grandson and his mother is the smooth girl, Benbaron's X-pectations Of Yondo. His sire, by frozen semen, is Janice Holmes's longhair Taz. He was one of 12 smooth pups in the litter, which means that his mother is a pure smooth. Janice has elected to hang on to this chap and with good reason we think.

Notice the wide muzzle; the deep furrow and strong stop; the breadth of top skull; the big knuckles; the powerful shoulders. This is one hunky puppy and any breeder would be, should be, inclined to hang onto it. 

However, there is another important reason to keep this pup. He toes the line! By that, we mean he looks very much like the best dogs in his line before him. For example, here is his grandfather Yondo as a baby...

Observe the same blocky head and shoulder set. The purpose of line breeding is to consistently get a set of dogs that look and act the same way generation after generation.

Let's take a look at some of Polar Xpress's other relatives .... such as his uncle Xulu.

Or his half-aunt, Taboo...

Or another half-uncle, Phantom...

I think you can see the family resemblance. To get a certain type of dog consistently, generation after generation, one must concentrate the genes that give you the results you desire. Outcrossing will only water down those genes. If you do outcross, do so for a specific purpose and then come back in to your foundation line.

And what kind of dog do we expect Polar Xpress to mature into?

A 180 to 200 pound happy beast like his cousin, Ustinov!