Life On The Road

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Motorhomes have long been a part of our life with the dogs. We rented our first ones in the 1970s to attend our first Nationals, and bought our first one in the 1980s. About three years ago, we decided to give "full-timing" a try. It seemed to make sense since we were no longer maintaining a kennel and with half our grandchildren in Ontario and half in British Columbia, we would need to migrate with the seasons. Victoria, BC, is about the only place in Canada where you can spend the winter in an RV without freezing, so that's where we just spent the winter of 2011-12. 

The photo above shows us parked at the campground in Jasper National Park on our return trip this May. This Rocky Mountain park is home to a wonderful variety of wildlife. This cheeky coyote casually walked right by the front of our rig with Lulu protesting from the dashboard.

And this black bear cub we found by the side of the road. Turns out there was a grizzly bear in our campsite about five minutes before we arrived.

It seems like Canada is getting bigger the older we get. We just made it back to Northern Ontario and will be happy to stay put for a few months to recover. Full-timing seems to suit us fine and the last three years have gone by quickly. We pull a neat little Chevy HHR which we customized and it lets us zip around with lots of room for a dog and some kids.

We use cellular wifi to connect to the Internet whenever we want to check our emails, pay our bills, do online banking, or work on the website. With more places using debit cards and more ATMs, getting access to cash is not a problem. 

And when we get tired of a place or want to go exploring, we pull in the slides and hit the road in a matter of minutes. It's the gypsy life for us!