The Real Deal

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We want St Bernards that are "the real deal". How many times have we seen beautiful looking dogs at big specialty shows look great on the line but then totally fall apart when the judge asks them to move down and back? Their big heads drop down and they lumber across the ring as their handlers try to string them up. It's embarrassing. And so disappointing. Where is the nobility in a dog that clearly is unfit for the breed's work?

Such dogs are not "the real deal" and to our way of thinking, they have no place in a breeding program.

Contrast that image with the Lasquite dogs above running free on the Oregon beach. Poetry in motion! Look at their reach and drive. The muscle definition. The curl of those toes as they find purchase in the wet sand. The pure joy of powerful animals at play!

Consider this Kings Row dog hard at work as he pulls over 2800 pounds at a recent Northern California specialty show weight pull. 

He has dropped his head to "get 'er done", and not because it's too heavy to hold up! His shoulders are taking the weight and his powerful feet are well knuckled up. Clearly this is a dog who could make his way through deep snows and be of use to someone in need.

In days past, Toni and The Iceman enjoyed competing at the weight pulls for many years and his personal best was 4520 pounds. That was a pile of cement blocks over six feet high! He was a real deal dog. 

I know breeders who really don't care how their dogs function as long as they look a certain way. They lie around the kennel until they are dragged out to the show to win under a favorite judge. Then it's back to the kennel again. That's their prerogative I suppose, but to our way of thinking it's a far cry from enjoying THE REAL DEAL.

PS: Here Marty and Taboo are covering ground together, the way it's supposed to be done!