What's With The Bulldogs?

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We have had two Bulldogs in our life, Lulu and Poppy. Poppy was our first. In 1994, we went to Switzerland to see the World Union Show and to buy a Swiss Saint. The show was shocking and I got into a lot of trouble for saying so in a Fancier article. (It would not be the last time I did so.) The only Saint we wanted to buy turned out to have grade-4 hip dysplasia on one side, so that didn't work out. But at our hotel in San Remo one morning, a lady asked me if we had Bulldogs. She had spotted my cane with a carved Bulldog head on it. No, I explained, we were Saint people. She invited us to join them for lunch that day and it turned out that they owned the Pickwick Bulldog kennel of Switzerland and were big winners on the Continent. Toni told me before lunch that under no circumstances was I to buy a Bulldog!

But a few months later, a fax arrived with a picture of this sweet bitch puppy called Poppy, saying that she was available. She was irresistible and she was shipped from Frankfurt to Vancouver. When the cage was opened outside in the snow, Poppy ran enthusiastically right into Toni's arms and that was that.

She grew up with The Iceman and the Saints and ruled the roost for 12 years.

Poppy visited Carrol and Wally Thom on one of our trips to California. She made Carrol laugh and some years later Carrol went out and bought two Bulldogs; bred them; and had her only litter of Echo Bulldogs. She kept one of the girls for us and a couple of years ago, we picked up Lulu.

Lulu is our motorhome dog. She sits up on the dash and rules the world. She's a pushy little bitch who insists on going to the dog park every morning so she can meet her adoring public. By ten in the evening she herds us into bed so she can go to sleep between us. 

And for the record, we now know why Don Dvorak of Washington calls his Bulldog.... Windbreaker!

And what did the Bulldogs think of the Saints? They thought they made great stuffed pillows.