A Pet Peeve : The Naming of Dogs

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After the recent National, and studying the catalog, I found myself wondering about naming conventions. As a longtime breeder, I always attach a lot of value to the proper use of kennel names. Breeders are the backbone of any breed. They do the hard work, take the risks, and expose themselves to tons of criticism when things don't work out as hoped for.

So it's little wonder that I think they should get the lion's share of the credit.

I do not like to see the stud dog owner's kennel name get precedence over the bitch owner's kennel name. If I see a dog named "Roxford's George of Truenorth", I assume the breeder was the Roxford kennel - not the other way around. And yet, many stud owners insist on their pride of place and register the stud pick dog as "Truenorth's George of Roxford". This only confuses those who would like to study pedigrees and understand breeding strategies.

Even worse, many dogs end up registered without the breeder's kennel name at all. "Truenorth's George" gives no credit at all to the real breeder, Roxford. How is that fair?

Over the decades, I have come across numerous examples of buyers registering a dog with their kennel name even when they were neither the breeder or the stud dog owner - as in "Superstar's George". Is this a trend in the dog sport where all that matters is the size of the buyer's checking account. "I spent a hundred grand on this dog to make him number one and to hell with the breeders"?

Forty years ago I wanted to find out more about the Sanctuary Woods kennel. As I studied the pedigrees I came across numerous cases where dogs were registered as "Sanctuary Woods" but Bea Knight was NOT the breeder. People just ripped off her kennel name. In some cases, one or both of the parents were originally from Sanctuary Woods so I suppose the owners thought it was advantageous to keep using that name, even if Bea had no part in the breedings.

Perhaps I am old school on this but I think kennel names are important and I think it is important to give breeders credit where credit is due.

But as the comic Dennis Millar used to say: "That's just my opinion. I could be wrong!"