Let's Get Moving! - by David Forrest

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David Forrest is both an old and a new St Bernard fancier. He started in the breed in the mid-60s as both a breeder and a handler ( "The" kennels as in The Khan), but other priorities led him out of active participation in the 70s. Flash forward to the present era and David has renewed his interest in St Bernards. With his wife Sonya, he has attended the past half-dozen Nationals. This time gap has provided him with a rather unique perspective on the progress, or otherwise, of the breed over the past half-century.

David was moved to analyze and articulate his observations and synthesize them in his recent publication "Let's Get Moving!"; made available for the first time at the 2014 SBCA National in northwestern New York. This 55-page work is beautifully written and well illustrated with charts and photos. (Disclaimer: a couple of Benbaron dogs are included.)

As one might logically deduce from the title, David "covers a lot of ground" in this important piece. 

Now some may take exception that someone who has been away for so long has little right to criticize. However, they would be dead wrong to dismiss what he writes without reading it. I would argue that this piece is perhaps the most serious work on the breed since the publication of the "Illustrated Commentary" and "St Bernards from the Stoan Perspective". David provides a clear structure to his work; takes time to flesh out his arguments; and supports them with data and graphs. Clearly, he has invested a great deal of time and care to produce this work. Fanciers should take the time to read it and consider it.

His bias, if he has one, might be that he sees the situation a little bit too much from the point of view of a handler. David expects a high level of handling competency at important shows and he laments that he rarely finds it nowadays. Dog shows without enough "show", perhaps? I found the work to be thoughtful and honest.

As a breeder and club member for some 40 years, I hold that far too much energy is expended on the politics of the breed and far too little on breed education. "Let's Get Moving!" helps to address that imbalance.  Please get yourself a copy of "Let's Get Moving!" from:


David Forrest

288 County Road 519

Stockton New Jersey 08559