Introducing Tremendous Tubby

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There are certain things one does in life that defy explanation. Bungee jumping comes to mind.  Or trying to explain to a two-year-old why the Pope wears a pointy hat. Or why people our age would buy a second Bulldog.

Tubby has come to us, at five months of age, from the very fine Bluemount kennels of Nova Scotia. His sire and dam are both top specialty winners so we have our hopes up that Tubby will turn out to be a worthy representative of this noble, if rather bizzare breed. If so, Toni intends to get him into the ring as early as this summer. (It seems that one can never have enough flat ribbons and cheesy bowling trophies!)

Our four-year-old Bulldog bitch, Lulu feels that Air Canada has made a terrible mistake and if we but called them, she is sure that they would send him back to Nova Scotia. 

We have explained to Lulu that Tubby is a keeper and that she had better get used to the idea. She blames Pat Postma for giving Tubby's breeders, the Shens, a good recommendation. Lulu says that all those Nova Scotians stick together to rip off people from Ontario.

And what demanding criteria did we use to pick out this particular Bulldog to drive us crazy in our dottage? 

Simple. He is red and white, with a full collar, a half-mask and a monk's cap!  Sound like any kind of puppy you know???