Snow Days

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Canadian children love their "Snow Days"- those days when they close the schools on account of just too much snow. On such days, we finished our porridge, bundled up in snow suits and played outdoors until faces were red and noses runny.

So it should come as no surprise that Canadian Saints also love their snow days. The following shots were captured when Karen Chaiton took Faith and Hope out for a New Year's romp in the snow in the countryside north of Toronto. Here Benbaron's Xtra Faith Of Yondo prepares her attack.

Then she makes her deep plunge like a coyote diving after a mouse....

Now for the snow plow!

Breaking free! That feels sooo good.

Let's do that again Mom!

Time to go home. All nice and clean. Ain't winter grand?!

Footnote: Faith's dam is Windward's Hope Of Benbaron (Ch. Lasquite's Orlando V Hans and Benbaron's Upbeat of Eddie) who came to Karen during the time that her late and great husband, Charles, was dealing with cancer. Hope was co-owned by Toni and Karen and Charles wanted her to be bred to Yondo. We used semen that had been frozen for 22 years and the result was ten live puppies. Karen kept Faith and a smooth sister, Xcelerator, and both are now bigger than their mother. Faith reminds us very much of her half-sister, Taboo, who was Best Of Breed at the 2010 National.

Charles had a great sense of humour even under very difficult circumstances. He was widely known as the master of the pun. Indeed when told that he had to undergo complex head surgery, his immediate response was: "Well, that's a no-brainer!". Charles loved his Saints and they loved him.