A Fancier's Christmas Wish

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It's that time of the year again: the end of the year marked by an intense period of holiday madness. It used to be much simpler when we were young. There was no Black Friday with its ugly spectacle of crazed shoppers mobbing the local Walmart. In fact, there was no Walmart. For us, the start of the Christmas season was Mother setting up the Advent calendar and the nuns (remember them?) having us decorate the classroom with the Nativity set as the centerpiece. This, of course, was long before we even heard of the concept of "politically correct" and "Merry Christmas" morphed into "Happy Holidays". Now even the Pope is saying that Jesus wasn't born on Christmas. Lord love a duck!

Apart from religious considerations and the economic significance of Santa Claus, Christmas Day holds a very special meaning in the Beninger household. Our foundation bitch, Ch Bedette Sugar Brandy 3rd, was born on Christmas Day 1970 and our son, Robin, (Ch Beninger's Robin Of Brian HF... just kidding) was born on Christmas Day 1971. Little did we appreciate then just how much those two events combined would come to mean in our future family story. 

So now here we are, over 40 years later. We are about to celebrate another birthday Christmas. The cycle of life continues and it may interest fanciers to know that both the human and the canine Christmas lines continue to be connected to this very day. Robin lives in Victoria, British Columbia, and will share his Christmas with his three Beninger children, Quinn, Levi, and Anastatia. At his feet will be his big smooth Saint, Benbaron's Xavier Of Yondo. "Couch" goes straight back to Sugar so it is comforting to us old folks to see that some things remain connected over the decades.

We wish all fellow Fanciers health, peace, and great dogs at this special time of year. Merry Christmas from Toni and Brian, and may you all win specialties in 2013!