Denver was bred by and is owned by Tikki Smith, and is shown and co-owned by Marty Glover. We first met Denver in the woods at Lasquite kennels and were immediately impressed by both his sweet temperament and his lovely correct type. While not quite as massive as his father Lucas (200 pounds) Denver goes a solid 180 and moves out with authority. Tikki has had good success breeding him with some of her girls who have Benbaron in their pedigrees. Denver won two specialty BOB's in Northern California in April 2012 to add to his impressive record. (see more)

Renegade was Jack and Delores Landgraf's last big-time show dog. We first saw Renegade when he was still in sweepstakes competiton. Even at that tender age, he had one of the finest heads we had ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous and free of exaggeration. The rest of him was nicely put together as well. He won a bunch of specialty shows in his career. While not a big dog, the package worked beautifully. We had a big smooth bitch called Hershey, and Brian flew down with her to Southern California to breed her to Renegade. It was a lovely week of warm hospitality. Jack and Brian managed to get the required ties after building up a platform of bricks for Renegade to stand on and effect the right angle of attack. A nice litter resulted. Sky Meadows was one of those small kennels that turned out exceptional dogs over the years and the Landgrafs were true fanciers. We miss them.

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