Am Can Ch Banyon's Casper Brown

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Here is another "blast from the past" in the form of Am Can Ch Banyon's Casper Brown. At this SBC of New Jersey specialty, a much younger Ken Buxton is putting up Casper for Best of Breed. He is being handled by owner, Ellen Santora, and Bunny Hymen is holding the trophies. Casper lived in New York and won a number of big Northeastern specialties in those days. As shown in the pedigree below, he went back mainly to the Stanridge and Beau Chevel kennels of the 60's and 70's. Both of those kennels were known for their shorthaired Saints. He was bred by the late Jim Zellen, Banyon Kennels. Students of pedigrees will note that he was inbred on Thor, the first dog to win a National for the Opdyke Kennel.

We saw Casper in the flesh a number of times and he always impressed us as a substantial, masculine fellow who would do anything for his mistress, Ellen. We were informed by a recent email from Ellen that she had to give up the breeding of Saints at the end of the 80's because her husband developed severe allergies. Such is life but she still loves a good Saint! (see more for pedigree)